Prison Ministry

Volunteers visit youth and adult prisons across the State of Washington where they conduct chapel services, special programs, share the Gospel one-on-one, interact with inmates, and perform skits and plays. Some volunteers have established bands that perform Christian concerts in prisons. Gates of Freedom was founded and the recovery centers were opened because of the work that began in the prisons.

Through prison ministry, many of the inmates’ lives have transformed and they have come to know Jesus as their Savior. Some of these inmates have made the decision to seek help from drugs and alcohol and have come to the GOF recovery program. We thank God for the opportunity to work with these men and women, assist them through the process as they become productive members of society, obtain and sustain jobs, and begin families. One of the most rewarding things to see is the desire they have to help others who are facing crisis and critical life choices. It is a privilege to impact those who face great challenges and obstacles and to be used by God in their recovery.