Women’s Recovery Center

Gates of Freedom has run a recovery center for numerous years where many young men have been able to receive freedom from various forms of addictions.  While it is unfortunate that such a large number of women are making poor decisions, and are getting into drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous forms of lifestyles, we felt pressed upon our hearts to open a Recovery Center “Esther House,” where they could find refuge and a new life in Jesus Christ.  The Esther House was born out of a big need in our community.  We receive countless calls from women and their families asking for help on a regular basis.  If they do not receive help from a Christian Recovery Center at such a desperate time of their life, where else can they turn?

We chose the Esther theme for the women’s recovery center for several reasons.  First, Esther is an exemplary woman we come across in the Bible; she is a wonderful model of womanhood.  Second, just as Esther was instrumental in saving her people from being destroyed, so the Esther House is a refuge where women can come, be sheltered, and restored.  As the women’s lives are restored, they then too can become “Esthers” for other women to help them move out of darkness into light. We are excited to see a number of young women rise up for such a time as this and are dedicating their time and energy in servanthood at the Esther House.

The Esther House has been open since November 1st 2013. We are currently residing in the beautiful house in Enumclaw WA. At this point we are able to serve four students. The Recovery Center has a unique way of treating addiction which focuses on the root of the problem. This is done by healing the soul rather than masking the physical symptoms of addictions. By following a daily schedule which includes devotions, Bible studies, drug and alcohol discussions, chapel services, community service assignments, and recreational activities the students keep their minds focused on positive life changes. This schedule also encourages the students to embrace the Christian faith. We have witnessed a transfiguration of ones character once they begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Gates of Freedom works along side of law enforcement by sending monthly progress reports to probation officers, and courts when required. We also hold AA meetings twice a week, and allow students to complete their community service requirements on site.

If you are a womаn that needs help, please contact us so we can help.

Phone: (206) 334-6645


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