Stepping Up

GOF hosted a Men’s Day for married men with Biblical teaching that focused on how to be a courageous husband, father and man that pleases God.

Esther House Dedication

Dedication of the women’s center, Esther House. Pastors and community leaders came to pray over and bless the new home. We are blessed to have obtained a house with a property in a rural area, which will allow us to do the full program. May the Lord continue to change the lives of many more women through the Esther House.

Mother’s Prayer Group

This month, a mother’s prayer group came to celebrate Christmas with us. This women’s prayer group has supported GOF since the beginning of the ministry. They always call GOF the first Tuesday of every month to pray and fast for the spiritual needs of the GOF ministry. We are so blessed to be supported by these women of God!

GOF Family Christmas Visitors

Every Christmas, GOF is visited by a certain family in remembrance and thanksgiving that God saved their sons. This year we also had four other families join us during this celebration!

Weekend to Remember

We were blessed with the opportunity to attend a Weekend to Remember conference with some of these new couples of GOF as well as with friends of GOF. At this FamilyLife conference, there was Biblical insight from top speakers & marriage experts. They provided helpful tools, projects & resources to positively impact marriage.



Praise God, we celebrated our 2016 program graduates! This year, 10 people finished the year-long recovery program. Two of these graduates have dedicated themselves to volunteer at GOF and several of these graduates have decided to continue on at the GOF half-way house.


Every year, GOF goes on a 7 day Endurance Camp with a focus on the spiritual and physical in order to build endurance and character. There are many competitions, 5 that focus on the spiritual aspects and 5 that focus on the physical aspects to show the guys that they are capable of achieving great things!