25 Sep 2014


The Gates of Freedom Recovery Center offers young adults an opportunity to live up to the potential God had intended for them. During the twelve months at the residential treatment center the students are busy adapting to their new lifestyle; a lifestyle free of life-controlling habits and bad decision making.  They begin to focus on serving God and helping the people around them.

Located in the back lands of Enumclaw, WA, the center provides students with the ideal atmosphere to allow for changes to occur. The peace and serenity of the lands has a positive impact on the students’ lives by bringing healing to their minds and souls. A student, who was enduring the withdrawal process, once said “My body hurts and aches as usual, but there is a certain peace inside that makes it all bearable”.  However, to bring complete healing we realize a person going through a crisis requires more than just change to their surrounding.

The Recovery Center has a unique way of treating addiction which focuses on the root of the problem. This is done by healing the soul rather than masking the physical symptoms of addictions. By following a daily schedule which includes devotions, Bible studies, drug and alcohol discussions, chapel services, community service assignments, and recreational activities the students keep their minds focused on positive life changes. This schedule also encourages the students to embrace the Christian faith. We have witnessed a transfiguration of ones character once they begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Gates of Freedom works along side of law enforcement by sending monthly progress reports to probation officers, and courts when required. We also hold AA meetings twice a week, and allow students to complete their community service requirements on site.

The lives at Gates of Freedom are changed by the mercy and spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and need help with taking the next step to recovery, please feel free to contact Gates of Freedom.

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