6 Jan 2017

Never give up hope.



Luke 18:1—“…men always ought to pray and not lose heart”


I would like to address those whose close friends and loved ones have fallen into addiction. For a long time, my parents prayed for freedom from addiction for both my brother and myself. Every time that some small glimmer of hope would appear, another disappointment would come and take away the hope. Years passed. The situation seemed as though it would never change. But my parents were strengthened with hope in God, who had helped them more than once in life. They kept their faith firmly rooted in the Word of God, particularly in words from Isaiah 49:25, where God promised saying, “I will save your children.” I, myself, had stopped trusting anyone on earth; I had lost all hope of ever being free. But I knew for sure that there were close ones that loved me and that were fighting for both mine and my brother’s salvation. They stated out loud whenever we were near, “We believe that God will save you.” And in 2009, God had mercy and saved both my brother and me. I am very thankful to God for my parents who stood strong during this battle and did not accept defeat. They didn’t give up hope, even when they stood against all odds. The cup of prayer was filled to the brim, and the Word of God was fulfilled. To those who have close friends and loved ones stuck in addiction, don’t lose hope! Trust in the God who gives hope and is mighty to save.


By: Alex Levchenko



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