4 Nov 2013

October 2013

Testimony of graduate Denis. Read it here

Remodel Work on Second House

We thank all the people that contributed to the remodel work in the second house. In the past three years the residence has come a long way. We were able to finish a big part of the remodel when the carpet was laid upstairs. Although there are still minor touch-ups that still need to be done, the majority of the work has been completed. We extend our gratitude to everyone that contributed with prayers and financial support. We are now able to have the chapel ready for services, classroom for bible school and rooms for students. May the Lord abundantly bless you and the families that supported us.



Project Esther

Project Esther has been greatly blessed with everything seemingly coming into place by the Lords hand. A home has been temporarily rented while the fundraiser is still going underway for the purchase of a permanent location. So far with the help of your prayers and donations we have been able to raise a little over 40k. Our brothers at the center have also been happy to contribute as well. Some of them have taken up small side jobs to earn money for Project Esther.

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