14 Jul 2018

Sergey’s Testimony

Our lives consist of the choices that we make. The choices that I made in my life were egotistical and foolish.  I never intended to hurt others or myself; I just wanted to have freedom and a good life.  I thought that if I gave my life fully to God, I would be deprived of my desires.  However, life without God results in a lot of sin and deprivation.  Drugs and alcohol came into my life at an early age, and I believed that I had found happiness and freedom.  But a few years later, I realized that I was addicted.  This became my way of life.  It dawned on me that I was unable to change my life or quit on my own.  I was a slave of sin and had no way out; I began to fear death.  Life continued, and my addiction became stronger and stronger.  I tried many methods to change: I changed my circle of friends and even moved to a different city, but with time, I concluded that nothing and no one could help me to change my life. Soon I was sentenced to jail for my wrongdoings.  While there, I realized that I needed the freedom that comes only from God.  Once, while sitting in my cell, I wrote a letter to God, asking Him to free me from my addictions.  In His mercy, God heard my prayer, and I was released a short while later.  I understood that I needed real help, so I made the decision to go through the recovery program through Gates of Freedom.  There, I completed the recovery program and obtained practical skills in following Christ.  God graciously gave me a new beginning in life.  I now have a beautiful wife, Whitney, and handsome son, Jeremiah.  I have real friends and acquaintances that love God. God has helped me settle my debts and issues with the law.  I have the opportunity to be a part of a ministry to help those in need and am happy to help in any way that I can.  I love God with all of my heart and know that He alone has given me freedom and life.

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