6 Jan 2017

Tough Love.


The salvation of a loved one, someone who is struggling with addiction, may require serious (and time consuming) efforts. Unfortunately, sometimes even with our best intentions, our help may cause more harm to an addicted individual by feeding the person’s old habits. There may come a point when we need to seriously get involved in someone’s life in order to save them and their health from being utterly destroyed. Tough love may be needed. Loving a close person with tough love means being able to say “no” to manipulation. Tough love says, “We love you, but we refuse to take part in your sinful lifestyle. You have to take responsibility for your own actions.” The purpose of tough love is to help the loved one in the long run. When the addicted person realizes that they have gone too far, and there is no way out, then they begin seeking a permanent solution to their problems—not just seeking ways to get out of certain situations. Does it mean they should feel rejected or unloved by us? By no means! We should always be ready to help with open arms and provide them with resources, such as how to find freedom from addiction. Pray and seek God’s wisdom to know how and when to show tough love to your struggling loved ones.

By: Egor Dovhalets

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