3 Oct 2013

September 2013


As you know, up to this time, we at GOF have had all of our attention focused on the men’s recovery center. After numerous calls from women in need we realized the need for a women’s recovery center. After much prayer and council the creation of a new women’s center was put into motion by project “Esther”. The goal of the project is to raise at least $150,000.00 by the end of the year to purchase a new house for the ministry. We have a matching grant of $15,000.00 which is close to being met. We have great faith that this project is God’s will and will produce many testimonies with thanksgiving unto God.

A Thankful Solution

With God’s help we were finally able to replace the leaking roof on our shop. This was made possible with the help of our christian friends who donated the materials. Last year God allowed us to replace the roofs on our two other buildings that were also leaking. After repairing the final roof we have peace of mind that we will not have further water damage to the structures.


Mission to Mexico

Earlier this month two of our brothers were part of a twenty-six person team on a missionary trip to Mexico. The mission’s focus of the trip was to build a house for an existing children’s ministry. Our brothers were among those who completed the framing, siding, roofing, electrical and plumbing. The group plans two more trips in the near future to bring the house to completion.

Get into the Word

This month classes started at Slavic Bible College in Tacoma. Five of our brothers are students at the college of which three are first year students and the others third year students. Concurrently Bible school has also started for the students at the center. Some of the teachers from the college are the same that visit the center to teach.

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