19 Jan 2014

December 2013

Reflecting on the past year we can see God’s blessing abundantly in the ministry of Gates of Freedom.  We’ve come a long way together from seeing students sincerely seek God, put in a lot of effort into their recovery, receive the change thru Christ and to graduate. That is just a beginning of their path of Christianity. Students move on to become influentially positive members of society at their local churches and homes.

Men’s Recovery Center

Currently we have 15 students on the program who are in progress of their lives being restored. For that to happen, it takes a lot, from the most important; God’s mercy and healing power to a person’s own desire and effort.  Here on the property, with God’s help we have completed the remodeling of the second house. It now provides more rooms for new students, a “half-way” house for graduates, a chapel for church/youth services, a classroom for Bible studies, an office, a Ping-Pong room and a gym for the students.  Together with the women’s recovery center, and guests from different churches we have celebrated New Years, it was really blessed. For some, it was the first time that they were able to start the New Year with Jesus Christ as their Lord and the Savior! We are really thankful to all the churches and to everyone who supports us!